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October 12, 2011

Anthem’s version of Heart Smart Recipes

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This recipe book was given out by my employer at our benefits meeting last week. This is what our insurance provider, Anthem, thinks is “Heart Smart” healthy way to eat.

Of all of the parties involved in keeping us healthy, you would think that the medical/health insurance companies would have our best interests at heart. After all, they are the ones who make a larger profit if you don’t go to the doctor, the hospital, the operating room or need any medication.

Health insurance is nothing more than legalized gambling, and in our country we are forced to play. You are betting you will get sick, and the insurance companies are betting that you won’t. If you need medical attention, they loose money because they foot most of the bill (if you have decent coverage, that is). If you go all year without any health issues, they take your payroll contributions to the bank and boost their share price.

Rant over.

Ok. Back to the recipe book.

The “Nutrition Information” given at the bottom of each recipe doesn’t even include the carbohydrate count for each recipe. This book is 80 pages of recipes that will seriously mess up your HDL to LDL ratio, jack up your blood sugar, raise your insulin levels and leave you hungry an hour after eating any of these recipes (to say the least). I really hope diabetics don’t follow this “Healthy” recipe book.

Here is the link the flickr set/album I made of some of the pages of the book:

Here are a few examples of some random recipes found in the book:


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